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For most people, it's important for their website to be listed in Google's search results. Google has had it known that that will become increasingly hard to do if their website is not designed for mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it needs to be. There are a few ways to go about doing this:

  1. Responsive design – A responsive website, like this one, is one site that changes depending on the device it is being viewed on. The Bearing the Light website will look different on your desktop computer than it will on your iPhone. This is the most straight-forward method, though may take longer than other options because of the complexity of the code necessary to display your site's pages accurately in all formats.
  2. Separate Mobile Site – For complex websites, or to add a mobile version to an already-existing desktop website, a completely separate website designed exclusively for mobile devices is often a good choice. In this option, when a visitor comes to your website, they are redirected to a completely different web address (such as mobile.yourdomain.com) to shown the mobile site. Often, these sites have abbreviated menu options and content to present just the main essentials.
  3. Native App – A native app is an app written specifically for a mobile device that can usually be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play to run on your iPhone or Android. These are not websites, per se, but software, but can display website content. Currently, Bearing the Light LLC does not provide app-creation services, but stay tuned; that's coming soon.

Whatever your web design needs are, I can help you walk through the morass of options, and customize a website to meet your specific needs. Contact me for a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) & Web Promotion. Often, creating a website is only one piece of the onling marketing strategy. You also need your audience to find you on the web. That is becoming increasingly difficult as the web gets bigger and competition steeper. Let me help you weed through all the options and strategies to promote your business or organization. Regardless of your online marketing budget, there are things you can do to promote your website. And the best time to do that is before the site is built, not as an afterthought. Contact me about options and ideas.

Other Web Services. We are a full service company. Bearing the Light can provide you with everything you need for a web presence, including:

  • Web Hosting (a secure, fast and flexible Linux hosting environment)
  • Domain Name Registration and Administration (no need for you to worry about registering, renewing and managing the DNS of your domain)
  • SSL Security Certificates (needed especially for ecommerce sites)
  • Third Party Web Promotion Administration (search engines, local directories, Wikipedia, etc.)

Contact me about what you need for your web presence and let me give you a custom estimate.

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